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Face+ 450


Max. dimensions of loaf (L x W x H) (in cm)
Power output in single 230V or three-phase 400V
Net weight (Kg)

Choice of settings

Slice thickness ( in mm)
Loaf pusher height low, high, normal


4 cm height adjustment
Custom colour
Optical barrier
Loaf pusher pressure selector
Daily counter

Automatic slicer

Clean lines
Quiet and compact
Ergonomics & Automation

Our new range of automatic bread slicers. Ergonomic, design and quiet operation are the cornerstones of these tough, triedand- tested machines. Fitted with the patented ISC® system, which enables the slicing speed to be adjusted to different types of bread, they are also equipped with an easy-to-access crumb collector drawer.
Face+ is available in 45 and 60 cm cutting width versions.
To ensure compliance with the latest safety standards, Face+ is fitted, as standard, with a top cover featuring fully-automated start and opening or, an optional light safety curtain. Colour option available.

up to 300 loaves/hour

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