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Tradilevain TL105


Power output in three-phase 230V / 400V
Usable capacity (in litres)
Capacity of tank (in litres)
Net weight (Kg)

Sourdough fermentor

100% stainless steel construction
Ensures sourdough consistency and stability
Easy to use and clean
Exclusive mixing system
TRADILEVAIN is used to produce and maintain liquid sourdough starter at an ideal consistency. The machine is available in 3
capacities, and its functioning is highly innovative. A submerged blade ensures uniform mixing. Cleaning is not required with
this type of mixer as the blade is positioned at the bottom of the tank.
The tank is fitted with a wide-opening, hermetically-sealed cover (anaerobic), enabling flour and hot water (45°) to be easily
added. Made from 100% stainless steel, it is almost maintenance-free (no scrapers to clean).
The cooling unit enables the temperature of the sourdough to be controlled during the different production cycles.
It has 2 discharge valves: an upper valve, positioned at the minimum safety level (to maintain the minimum amount of sourdough
starter for refreshment), and a lower valve for complete drainage of the machine.


Usable capacity (in litres) 105

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